January 05, 2018 / BY AKD

3 Young Female Entrepreneurs that Every Pakistani Must Know About

We often hear that women are not strong enough or emotionally stable to handle the tough challenges life throw at them but these Pakistani women are breaking the stereotype and proving how a woman could go much farther than a man could. AKD believes in women empowerment and always stand with all these strong Pakistani women to encourage them. AKD group believes that every Pakistani must know about these 3 wonderful women who haven’t left a single stone unturned in making Pakistan proud:

1- Fiza Farhan

Fiza, a 28-year old entrepreneur is the co-founder of the Buksh Foundation which has been operating in Pakistan since 2009. This organization has brought clean energy projects to the underdeveloped areas of Pakistanis, as a microfinance institution. It has also given solar-powered lights to around 6750 households all across Pakistan. It also works to train women and has trained 135 women as energy entrepreneurs up till now. The Distinguished US magazine Forbes has included this talented lady under the heading of 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs for 2015.

2- Jehan Ara

Another talented female entrepreneur Jehan Ara is the founder of Pakistan Software Houses Associations (PASHA). She excels in the field of marketing, communications, and media. Her organization is collaborating with multiple other national and international institutions to provide its clients with the best of software products. She is an entrepreneur par excellence.

3- Salaina Haroon

Salaina Haroon is an entrepreneur who advises leading corporations on ways to introduce innovation and creativity in business ventures and is responsible for building and managing human capital. She runs the largest business technology leadership magazine in the world, CIO Pakistan.

All these women have proved their intellect and strength in the corporate world which is encouraging for all the Pakistani women who are less privileged but talented.

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