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4 Young and successful Entrepreneurs of Pakistan who Achieved their Dream Against all Odds

When it comes to entrepreneurship Pakistanis cannot be left behind.The business in Pakistan is growing each day and a number of young aspiring entrepreneurs keep adding to the gigantic circle of business environment in Pakistan. If you ask any successful entrepreneur today who is running a very remarkable business that what made successful in their venture and how have they achieved what they have accomplished till now, you would be informed that that their trip took a considerable measure of diligent work, disappointment and forfeit, yet the 'need' to create a brand of their name made them bear the entire struggling phase.

It is due to hard work and persistence that young and aspiring entreprenuers become successful one day and create mega business projects like Bahria Town and AKD securities limited. There are hundreds of entrepreneurs in Pakistan who started off from the scratch and today serve to be the most successful business people of their generation. What's more amazing and uplaudable is the fact that this lot does not only include men but has women too standing confidently wearing their pride shoulder to shoulder with men. Some of the many successful names in the entrepreneurship world of Pakistan include the following.

1-Monis Rehman

With his name under Forbes list Monis Rehman is one of the entrepreneurs who made Pakistan very much proud with his work. He is the founder of Naseeb network which works in recruitment portal and other social services. It was him who started Rozee.pk, one of the leading and most successful job portals in Pakistan, in the year 2006 which has proved to be a successful platform for job recruitment.

2-Qaisar Abbas

The renowned author of Tick Tock Dollar Qaisar Abbas who is also a motivational speaker talks about his battles from the very beginning. In his book he gives an insight to the principles of peak performance which he considers to be essential and crucial. His struggles inspires in many ways as he started off from very little to becoming a milliniore.

3-Maria Umar

Maria Umar is one of the many Pakistani women who have made Pakistan proud on many International platforms with their hard work and persistence. Her goal is to empower Pakistani women by providing them digital training and work. Maria works with a group of females who work  from the confines of their homes. She has been so successful in her work and appreciated as well that her work has also been recognised by famous International tabloids such as Mashable, Forbes and Virgin.

4-Umar Saif

If you are talking about Pakistani tech then you definitely can't skip Umar Saif. Umar Saif considers himself to be a professor and a serial entrepreneur.He was also the Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board. He played a vital role during his governance. Not only that he started off Plan9, a Pakistani startup incubator, considered to be Pakistan's largest startup incubator. His work has been recognised worldwide.

All these entrepreneus busy in making the country proud are very much inspired by other business giants such as Aqeel Karim Dedhi, Sadruddin Hashwani and other names who are also involved in encouraging the young generation to follow their dreams and making a brighter and better future for their country and their country and their selves.

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