October 09, 2017 / BY Faizan Shahzad

5 Qualities Proving that AKD Group is Good in Business

One's best success comes after their greatest disappointments; truly said because you can’t exactly realize the worth of the resources you currently have unless you’ve experienced the downhill road where you had to give everything up. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi has always firmly believed that the path to success begins where the path of failure ends. He encourages all young and successful entrepreneurs to build their own victory instead of waiting for the demands of a certain idea to rise up because there was always a beginning point for every trend there is.
We all have wished to see ourselves from someone else’s point of view at least once in our entire lives. Here’s how the world looks at AKD group and its prominent journey throughout its existence in the finance industry; all the qualities of the group which makes them the best in business.

He believes in the value of Hope

By giving the praiseworthy example of his achievements that led him to become such a huge business tycoon, AKD proves that it’s possible for startups to face success for a short while and then fail majorly without having any way to come back because you could be investing your time and efforts in the wrong field. He himself believes in acting on things before it gets too late. Your actual skill could sometimes require extra searching but when you finally get a hold of it, it will prove to be worthy of bearing the wait and disappointments.

He focuses on efforts more than the results

For any business, it is crucial to do the right thing even if it isn’t convenient. Sometimes being aware of how the employees are doing, can be a tough task but it’s not tougher than what the employees do every day to make your idea flourish. And AKD has always made sure that his employees don’t feel like they’re just some working machines.

He doesn’t know how to break down easily

Someone has said that if you’re not willing to risk it all then you probably don’t want it that badly because AKD himself has faced multiple critics and major downfalls but he is just not built in a way to be broken down so easily. The way he has led his life is a true motivation for everyone. When there’s passion in what you’re doing, the spirit to get up again even after getting knocked down so often comes out like waves of the sea.

Always lets originality win against imitation

The first step towards success is when you refuse to be a captive of the environment. Even when he was a kid, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi has had the guts to stand off track and still succeed. Though not all ideas are destined to go high if you design their destiny with genuine aims in mind, the outcomes are usually worth experiencing. To be a person of your own ideas means you’re showing respect towards yourself. It doesn’t necessarily need to be accepted by everyone, it just needs to be earned by you.

Offers inspirations instead of mere obligatory jobs

AKD understands what it’s like to feel stuck while doing something your mind isn’t set on. He always looked out for if the people working for him aren’t just simply trying to make a living somehow. He encourages the people working for him to test their limits in order to find that one thing that they can easily strive for. Don’t exhaust yourself while doing something you’re not interested in, to a point where you don’t even recognize your actual passion because that way, you won’t be achieving success but simply moving towards a deadline. He doesn’t just run the management, he leads.       

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