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AKD Group of companies:The Ultimate Symbol of Corporate Success

AKD Group is a corporate company in Pakistan with various departmental branches functioning in diverse fields. The honor of the company is Mr. Aqeel Karim Dedhi, who is known as the stock market king. His sharp sense of business and his capability to foreseeing the future trends and potential in a business proposal is outstanding. Moving forward with an incredible pace of profits and evolution, AKD group has now become a set of enterprises with the ideal amount of success. So what makes this company the ultimate symbol of corporate success? Let us dig a little bit deeper to mine the secret of evaluation of AKD group.


Back in 1947, late Haji Abdul Karim Dedhi laid the foundation of the company. Passing through the stages of stockbroking, the company perused the real estate investments in the beginning. The company acquired the status Public limited soon and then, there was no stopping by. Today AKD group of companies are one of the leading companies in Pakistan. Aqeel Karim Dedhi when sat on the seat of chairman after his father, took the evaluation of the company to the whole new level. He is now known as an ultimate business tycoon who knows the strategies of business well. AKD business enterprises work in the most of the key sectors of the corporate world which includes financial services, telecom, infrastructure, manufacturing and natural resources.

Unbeatable Business Strategies and Corporate Understanding

There is no doubt that it is due to deep understanding of business, that  Aqeel Karim Dedhi is this successful and his company, an ideal organization. He believes in being unique and setting the trend regardless of the risk of failure. An AkD security is a clear example of this ideology. As it was the first to launch a state-of-the-art Online Stock Trading service in Pakistan and remains the leader in this arena today. The first institutionalized technology venture capital fund in the country was launched by AKD in the year 2000.

More about AKD Securities

An AKD security limited is one of the leading security companies in Pakistan. The overall worth of the company in the stock market is a total of about 6 % of the average daily value. Their efficient services include equity brokerage, economic and securities research, investment banking and financial advisory services. Professionalism and corporate governance is their trade market The success of AKD security lies upon the quality of services that they provide to their customers.

AKD Investment Management Ltd

After AKD Securities, AKD Investment Management is something one should talk about while discussing the incredible growth of Aqeel Karim Dedhi's business empire. Dedhi has always been known for his fearless decision making to invest in various and totally diverse projects. Therefore AKD investment management ltd was a success even before it existed. The company has taken investment management and solutions to a whole new different level. The mentioned above are the only two branches of the big business tree which Aqeel Karim Dedhi has grown into his yard with dedication and hard work.  

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