August 30, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, a business tycoon with a soft heart

It is in human nature to turn blindfold on when you touch the pillars of success or maybe that's how it is demonstrated by people. Apparently, it's just a most believed theory of people since there are contrary living examples who certainly not seem to follow it. Taking one such example in mind is Pakistan’s famous Business tycoon and philanthropist Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, chairman of AKD group.

He is not only a successful businessman but a kind-hearted man too as his work towards the betterment of humanity shows his dedication towards upgrading the living conditions of a common man. His work towards humanity includes:

  1. Charity and social work

First and foremost, he funds schools and hospitals of his community through all that he earns. This itself is a big thing since as our new government suggested we need to upgrade conditions of our schools and hospitals as around 70% of Pakistan’s youth is out of schools and more ratio is suffering from fatal diseases. He also fosters a newspaper called “Memon Awaaz”.

  1. Supports entrepreneurs

He supports people who are new in the business field and are struggling to subpar their business. He firmly believes that intellectual intelligent should never be weighed down by low budget hence owns TMT which provides funds to new startups to help them with their struggles.

  1. Annual cattle show

Bakra Eid festive has just gone by proceeding us to our next point that he hosts a Maweshi mela where people of all races gather to watch his bred animals great show. It is conducted every year and people in great numbers show-up to see it.

  1. Women empowerment

Women empowerment s a big issue raised in these recent years. Although the more it is highlighted, the very less action is seen in its stance to strengthen it. AKD, however, supports women empowerment agenda and makes sure to play his part to strengthen it. An example of it might be, he started it by distributing his companies among his daughters so now they are following in his footsteps to work and progress in this field.

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