February 12, 2018 / BY AKD

Basics of Stock Exchange; Your first step towards successful trading

Whether its New York Stock Exchange or Pakistan Stock Exchange; things works the same:

Stock exchange; an exchange which brings buyers and sellers together and acts as a market for the shares of those stocks. But things aren’t this simple, the stock market isn’t your average market where you choose your product and deal with the further proceedings like you do on a grocery store. If you’re thinking about investing in a stock market or you are a new investor, then, lack of detailed knowledge would surely cost you a lot. And, maybe be the biggest barrier to your business tycoon dream.

In order to understand this complicated process, first, you need to know about the basics of stock exchange

Detailed knowledge about doesn’t mean that one ONLY needs to understand the meaning behind commonly used phrases but there’s more to study in this chapter. Since we are covering only the ‘basics’, therefore the frequently used phrases are a matter of our study. This is also because, it’s the first step and without having a brief understanding of market language, a new investor can’t expect progress. Here are some of the frequently used terms you’ll hear in a stock exchange: There are so many terms used in context with trading in a stock exchange, but some of them are always on tip of their tongue: Index: People usually refer to major market indexes as “the market is going up or the market is going down.” What they really mean is that, the market index performance tracks of the group of stocks. “We are in a bulk market”: You might have heard this term if you have a little bit of knowledge of stock exchange, but most people are unaware of the meaning behind this commonly used phrase. Bulk markets or bear markets is a term used to describe a symbol of fear; fear of falling prices. This term is used to describe the fall of prices of stocks. Bull markets: It’s easy to understand this term once you have knowledge about the above-mentioned term i.e. ‘bulk markets.’ Bull markets are opposite of bulk markets and are used to indicate the rise in stock prices. Stock Symbol: Another commonly used term, ‘stock symbol’ usually refers a one-character or three-character, alphabetic root symbol which actually represents a company which publically trades. For example, the tech giant Apple’s stock symbol on the stock exchange is AAPL. There are tons of more phrases and term that should be well-versed before stepping into the stock exchange world.

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