August 20, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

How can businessmen help Imran Khan with his vision to drive Pakistan towards prosperity

Finally, after years of hard work and persistence, Imran Khan has become the Prime Minister of Pakistan, setting a world record of being the first cricketer in the world to become the Prime Minister of a country. Khan's vision is appreciated not only by the people of Pakistan but by people from across the world as well. He aims to fight corruption, reform government spending and improve the lives of the poor. And to help him take care of the country and fight its issues, every individual of the country can play their part and make a difference.

One of the major issues Khan keeps talking about is the problems of the lower class people. The lower class of Pakistan is facing the most severe problems. One of which for them is joblessness. Despite the fact that the government has attempted various ways to chop down the enormous toll, their endeavours were not by and large extremely significant. In any case, business magnates in Pakistan, for example, Malik Riaz, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, and various others have been effectively associated with making employment for individuals by various means. So how do these businesspeople encourage the jobless individuals and help the nation grow into what Imran dreams of?

A standout amongst the most essential methods for making job is beginning a Real Estate business. This is a superb way to influence various jobless individuals to engage in labour. The work, the planner, design and so forth, there are such huge numbers of individuals engaged with effectively making a Real Estate organization.

Another approach to make occupations is starting diverse new companies. It has turned into a developing concern and has likewise influenced the nation as well. In any case, when people fascinate themselves with splendid startup openings, they open doors for business chances which lessens joblessness.

One more generous approach to elevate business is to enable the youth to begin their own venture of getting into entrepreneurship and initiate their startup, which AKD group is effectively associated with. Also, this, at last, makes a beneficial outcome on the economy of the nation as well.

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