September 07, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Ceremonies held to commemorate the martyrs of the Nation

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan celebrated the defence day to commemorate its martyrs and their sacrifices in 1965 war on Thursday. Various ceremonial events were staged all over the country to mark the occasion. Politicians and armed forces also paid homage to the martyrs.

While the capital ceremony to honour Defence and Martyrs Day was held at General Headquarters (GHQ) Rawalpindi, with Prime Minister Imran Khan accompanied by First Lady Bushra Imran, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa, senior civilian and military leaders, and other dignitaries in attendance.

While addressing the ceremony, PM Imran Khan said, “Pakistan Army is the only institution (in the country) that works on the basis of merit without political interference".

The premier added, "Political interference destroys institutions." He recalled the 1965 wartime and acknowledged the passion of the nation. "We will bring this meritocracy to all fields in the country in order to help us prosper as a nation," He vowed.

1965 war marks the time when India sneaked inside of Pakistan at night and formally declared war to which Pakistani Army combated them and handled the situation with whole nation backing them up.

Even though Indian army had an advantage on the basis of number and weapons but still Pakistan Army failed their plan. Indian side who claims to be the largest democracy in the world violated the International Charter of UN and other ethics of the world by stooping so low as to subjugating all their international commitments.

This year the Defence Day is quite unique because the Armed Forces of Pakistan, keeping in view their magnificent traditions, have achieved standout achievements in the war against terrorism which provided further stability and continuity to the motherland," he added.

PM Khan ensuring the nation said, “For the past three weeks, I have been seeing presentations on all the problems that this country is facing, and I can tell you this that we will become a nation and rise again. We can overcome these problems once we strengthen the rule of law in this country.”

The Nation celebrated 6th September to pay salutation to our armed forces for their bravery and sacrifices. For if it weren’t for them and our elders' sacrifices we would’ve been long dead.

Although India’s move was very derogatory, PM Khan in his speeches kept ensuring us that we’ll strengthen our ties with India as it will benefit both our countries. Besides PM Khan, President Mamnoon Hussain and Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa also sent out the messages on the occasion.

Rewinding the day, Defence day ceremonies started with a special prayer for the prosperity of Pakistan along with a change of guards ceremony at Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum in Karachi and Allama Iqbal’s in Lahore and a ceremony was later held in Islamabad at Pakistan Navy headquarters.


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