July 09, 2018 / BY AKD

First Mechanical Heart Transplant Successfully Performed in Pakistan

Pakistan’s first mechanical heart transparent has successfully taken place in Karachi. A team of doctors at National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) located in the city of Karachi has performed this heart transplant.

The team of Dr Pervez Chaudhry and 8 experts performed the compliment surgery on the 62-year-old Nafeesa Begum. After the surgery went successful, Nafeesa Begum has become the first person in our country to have received state-of-the-art medical treatment.

While briefing about the successful surgery, the Administrator of NICVD Dr Hameedullah Malik said that this operation is conditional to all the body organs functioning properly and Nafeesa Begum qualified for it.

He said, “A regular heart transplant is as though inserting a new heart in the body but in a mechanical heart transplant the organ is not replaced. In fact, the valve or the pumping mechanism is fixed by using a device. This device then pumps blood across the body.”

The doctors say that the patient will be shifted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as soon as she shows some progress. The surgery was earlier scheduled for former Hockey team captain Mansoor Ahmed but he passed away before the scheduled date of the surgery.

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