February 27, 2018 / BY AKD

Highlighting the un-highlighted; Businessman serving Pakistan

Glimpse to the other side of the picture:

Sentence having businessmen and Pakistan together gives an imaginary space to the word ‘scam’, it’s not unusual to find scams or fraud news the everyday day in newspaper as this is now part of our routine to create un-worthy hype about useless topics, useless because most of the scams that are linked to such famous people are misconstrued.

Such news is either created to manipulate minds of readers (Pakistanis) or to shift the debate to their self-created issue, in order to give rest to the ‘real issues.’

It’s not like ridiculously-rich businessmen of Pakistan are a bunch of endangered species who serve the country selflessly, but some philanthropists get wrongly highlighted under the persistent banner, “All Rich people are corrupt.”

Corruption is here, it’s been here since the birth of this country, but now fakery has taken place which has eventually shifted the limelight from the real pioneers of corruption.

The list of corrupt business tycoons, politicians and rich people belonging to different fields in Pakistan can be really long, thousands of allegations, hundreds of law cases and uncountable right or wrong rumours will take a year to note down. But there’s always another side of the picture, which is never really shown to us because the first side has been built with such strength that there’s no chance to accept another perspective.

Mainly the sufferers of this un-just process of judging people belonging to the same habitat, are the honest people living in the pool of dirt. Not every rich person in Pakistan has reached where he is by having blessed hands of corruption on him, not every businessman in Pakistan is tax offender, corrupted or someone who only looted the country instead of serving it.

Unlike highly-developed or developed countries of the world, Pakistan was never blessed with a government that focused on every factor of progress, every single government had covered a single factor of development. Some completed their tenure focusing on infrastructure; that only included building highways or roads, some let their 5-years of governance under the banner of welfare campaigns, campaigns that only focused their targeted province.

 In order to propel progress in such country where the powerful belief in neglecting and focused are powerless, another sector is looked upon; the rich industrialists.

These businessmen, who never really receive the amount of appreciation as compared to government sectors, strives to build Pakistan as a modern country. One such, less-appreciated name is, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi.

AKD- chairman of famous AKD Group is a Pakistani businessman and philanthropist, usually made to the headlines because of the reasons mentioned in the on-set this blog, but little did the propagandists knew about Aqeel’s passion towards serving his country. From un-sung financial services to serve his people through investing in natural resources, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi’s priorities are sorted, and that is serving the country and his countrymen. To mention his contribution in towards Pakistan stock exchange will take the as long list as the one mentioned above.

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