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Is investing in shares a risky business?


What Is A Stock Market?

In simple words, a share market is an organization that provides facilities of trading to brokers and traders to trade shares, bonds and other instruments of the public listed companies.

A stock exchange acts as a market to join stock buyers and stock sellers and it does not own any shares itself. It is obvious that investing in a stock market is a risky business. Being an average investor, there is always a possibility of profit or loss. False promises are made, a buyer’s hard-earned money might go down the drain, but there is also a possibility that he might earn some profit.

Advantages Of Investing In A Stock Market:

  1. Easy to buy and sell:

One of the biggest advantages of owning shares is that they are very easy to buy. An investor just needs to set up an account and then he’ll be able to purchase his stocks easily through a broker or online. Another advantage that we see is that they are also easy to sell. A buyer can sell his owned stocks anytime he wants. He is the one who decides whether he wants to bear the loss in the shares or keep his stocks for long-term profits.

  1. Gains on investment:

Once an investor has invested his money, gains eventually follow. A stock market is considered a risky as well as an easy way to make profits. The market goes up and down within days and so does the profit and loss on the stocks.

  1. Income from dividends:

Many companies usually decide to distribute a minor amount of their earnings to the shareholders of their company. These payments are made to the investors annually even if they are facing a loss of their shares.

  1. Acquiring ownership:

Even if an investor owns a single share of a company, he is a minority owner of that company and has the right to vote. These investors can use their votes in certain business decisions and vote on corporate board members.

Keeping it short, stocks are issued by companies to investors in order to raise their capital. These stocks are mostly for long-term purposes and offer additional perks like dividends, minority rights and profits to the financiers which attracts them to invest in the stocks and give it a go.

The Pioneer Of The Stock Market:

Every time the term ‘stock market’ is mentioned, the first name that enters into the minds of every layman, as well as an entrepreneur, is Aqeel Karim Dhedhi. There are so many positive words and labels in which this name can be defined. ‘King of the stock market’ ‘pioneer’ ‘philanthropist’ ‘stock market expert’ and many more that I would consider are the most common words to describe this leading business tycoon of Pakistan.

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi has been working as a stockbroker in Karachi Stock Market since more than 25 years and is acknowledged as the most powerful business magnate and stock leader who has spent his entire life struggling in the business industry and has succeeded brilliantly. He is the owner of the AKD group and has dipped his fingers in almost everything without fail. And guess what? He doesn’t believe in failure at all.

“Fall seven times and stand up” is his motto towards life. He often tells his people not to consider an easy way out because that might bring you happiness, but it won’t bring you success.

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