October 21, 2017 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Mahipal Ladhar: Tharparkar’s first ever pilot

It is no secret that Tharparkar is a place in Sindh that is most severely affected by health problems. Problems ranging from phases of extreme weather conditions, drought, famine, and poverty to health issues, no medical facilities and black water, Tharparkar suffers from them all. The inhabitants of Thar are living on the edge in all literal sense. But some people's will to prove themselves and fulfill their dreams is not shattered by such problems. Persistence overcomes resistance, and this is exactly what this youngster from Tharparkar has proved to be true.

In such a scenario, it is quite hard to even think about anything other than how to survive another day, let alone become a pilot. There is little to no education in this area of Sindh.

However, one of the many people living in Tharparkar, Mahipal Ladhar, has not only managed to access some educational services but also has become the first ever pilot from Tharparkar. Becoming a pilot is no joke, even for people living in cities and having access to all the necessities including education. It is one of the professions that are the most rewarding nonetheless quite tough.

What Mr. Mahipal has so far done and achieved is something quite remarkable. He comes from a town that does not even have clean and fresh water to consume. Hygiene and health both are alienated concepts for the people of Tharparkar.

Mr. Mahipal states in one of his videos that when he was a child, he always used to see aircrafts flying high up the sky above the clouds of Tharparkar. He always used to wonder what was it was like to travel in such a thing. What it was like to sit in it and fly it all by himself. It was his determination and persistence that he actually managed to become a pilot and make his dream come true.


In another video, he was being awarded his degree by his dean apparently who stated while handing it over to Mr. Mahipal, “I just wanted to assure you that his selection has been made in such a process that he has been selected on merit.”

This is quite an impressive statement for a kid who grew up in Tharparkar. This just gives us a reality check of how there are people who are capable of so much more and can contribute to a bigger and better future of Pakistan are not being valued. They are deprived of the necessities of life. If people like Mr. Mahipal can reach new heights in such hard lifestyle, imagine what these people can do if they are provided with basic human rights like healthcare, education, clean water and proper food.

This story of Mr. Mahipal serves as an evidence of what the people of Pakistan are capable of. What this man has achieved with such limited resources is quite remarkable.

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