September 04, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Mega Plantation Campaign Launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan

Pakistan's new Prime Minister, Imran Khan, announced a mega Plantation campaign on the very initial days right after his oath taking. This initiative was appreciated by people all across the country. The plantation drive was initiated by the Prime Minister himself on Sunday as he planted a tree at the Lahore Chief Minister's secretariat as a part of one day 'Plant for Pakistan' drive.

This drive was a small part of the mega plantation campaign in which there would be 10 billion trees planted across the country in the following five years.

To make this drive successful, government departments and ministries are also taking full part in making it possible. The officials are planting trees at their respective offices and headquarters to successfully make it work. The government has asked the public to participate as well, and for this, officials will distribute saplings to the people which will be free of cost. These saplings will be provided at 190 distribution points all across the country.

The main agenda behind this plantation drive is to combat the climatic problems faced by the country. According to the spokesperson of the Government, the purpose of this campaign is to encourage the public to make the country green and fight the climatic issues which have caused extraordinary diverse situations in the country.

However, this plantation campaign can not be achieved without the participation of the general public. People should come out together and play their part in making this initiative successful. Business magnates like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi and others should too make their participation and promote this activity through their sources.

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