August 06, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Why do we need more entrepreneurs to show up for a smooth economy?

Entrepreneurship has proved itself very much beneficial for whoever engrosses in this kind of venture but the bigger picture shows a greater deal. The effects of growing entrepreneurship on the economy of a country are absolutely substantial and this is exactly why Pakistan needs entrepreneurs to begin their journey right at this moment when the economy is facing its fair share of ups and downs. It plays a role of catalyst in the development of any country's economy by bringing a whole parade of people in the stats of employment and productivity.

Brings employment

That one thing that Pakistan's economy is badly in need of currently is more employed people. There are about thousands of people who are unemployed in Pakistan and this is causing problems more than what we can think about. Entrepreneurship brings a great deal of help by creating jobs for people.

Many businessmen in Pakistan such as Arif Habib, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi and others, help young people get into entrepreneurship so that this also helps to create jobs in bulk.

Develops the community

Entrepreneurs can help the community develop by nurturing other small businesses and in return enjoy the fruits of growth. Not only can this but entrepreneurship help rise innovation as well which leads to creating competence and effectiveness in return. This in whole makes developments in the community. For example, AKD Group has been actively involved in helping certain communities grow through its entrepreneurship ventures.

Advancements in technology

Another major importance of entrepreneurship is that it brings many technical advancements to the table. They bring many new products, new techniques and processes which directly helps in increasing the country's national income.

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