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All You Need to Know About AKD Securities

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi - The Founder of AKD Securities

A Philanthropist, Business tycoon, King of Karachi Stock Exchange and most importantly, an individual with a humble beginning, is none other than Aqeel Karim Dhedhi. 40 years of continuous hard work placed him at the top position of Pakistan’s Economic Forum. He currently runs several companies across Pakistan in many business niches.

AKD securities; the force behind stable international and domestic investments in Pakistan

AKD securities was successful in attracting international investors into domestic equity market. This milestone was achieved when Pakistan conducted the first successful nuclear test in 1998. The International Investors Conference in London showed firm’s dedication towards stabilizing Pakistan’s economy. This is what makes AKD securities the force behind global investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Why should you choose AKD securities?

Apart from AKD securities’ contribution to stock exchanges located in Pakistan, the firm delivers exceptional investing services.

The professional staff strives to achieve nothing but best for their investors. From experts' advices to accurate information about profitable opportunities, AKD securities believes in providing timely knowledge to its investors.

Why should you work with AKD securities?

If you’re seeking an opportunity to work with the most renowned and established firm in Pakistan, then AKD securities will be delighted to have you on-board. The demonstration of professionalism, competency and accuracy is visible through AKD securities’ contributions in Pakistan stock exchange. The firm’s dedication to serving excellence urges the staff to aspire from its moto.

What makes AKD the biggest Capital Market Firm?

The staff working at AKD securities doesn’t believe in being the followers of herd mentality, therefore the firm sets its own goals. One such goal was set and achieved when AKD securities was recognized as one of the leading firms to introduce firm-wide CODE of ETHICS.

In order to achieve accuracy, the CODE of ETHICS was overseen by an independent compliance manager. The dedication of AKD securities to achieve standard investment process makes its worth the crown.

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