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All You Need to Know About AKD Trade

AKD Trade is a hassle-free online stock trading platform that allows investors to trade at the Karachi Stock Exchange, from their computers without being time-specific or place bounded. That means you can trade from anywhere at anytime using your computer.

AKD trade; Pioneer of online trading in Pakistan

Nowadays, simpler, faster and stress-free trading is what investors look for. Most of the time, they end up being a part of a group that directs them towards misguided and complicated way of trading. This is where AKD Trade stands out providing the investors with what they need.

Karachi Stock Exchange is one such stock exchange where herd groups and diverse groups can easily be differentiated. Today’s investors seek ways to modernize the investment process, therefore AKD group managed to provide the new investors with standard online trading platform.

The AKD trade revolutionized the trading process in 2002. Since then, the online trading platform aspires numbers of investors in opting for a simpler and faster way of trading.

AKD Trade offers accurate directions and the beneficial advices to its investors. Like we said, Karachi Stock Exchange is a bubble of confusion, therefore, investors look towards a renowned firm that provides them with detailed knowledge and guidance that will lead them to profitable trading and investments.

AKD Trade, a trading learning school:

AKD Securities Limited (formerly known as Aqeel Karim Dhedhi Securities Pvt. Limited) was established in 1999. Since then, AKD Securities Limited has went on to become one of the leading securities firms in Pakistan providing a comprehensive range of investor-focused services. But, the most appreciable service by AKD trade is its educating service. The experts at AKD trade guide new investors to the new world.

AKD Trade is surely one of the best trading firms in the country due to its remarkable services to its investors. Loyalty and commitment is where AKD Trade stands out among all the local trading firms.

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