October 06, 2017 / BY Faizan Shahzad

This new valuation method is a curse of black money in disguise

When amendments been done, they are usually from the higher side who are already indulged in the game of empowering the corrupt. By giving more authorities to the evaluators it’s like inviting them to celebrate the bribery practices with honor. Sadly, even though the policy is highly disrupted in all wrong means, there are countable few businessmen addressing the issue. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi is one of them. In one of his interview, he acclaimed the hidden hypocrisy of this wide-open policy.

“Most of the NAB cases are based on these valuator issues, and when you know it, you should be doing changes to make it as valid as it can be. But instead what they have done by increasing the power of valuator and declining the rights of collector rates.”

He also explains why it is important to double the rates of collector money instead of the evaluator in that same interview.


"We are the doors of this field, and when we ask each and every time to double the rate of collector money instead of valuator groves, I don’t understand why they always take the long wrong route."

There is no doubt in the fact that few policies are designed to provoke public into corrupt means. And as important as it is to provide some alternatives in this regard, it is absolutely absurd that our government is only doing things to promote the other side. Valuation without any validate validator will always be a problem. Think about it in this way, why there are more AKD scams and AKD frauds high lined-up in Google searches than other themes. It’s because people are forced to think about the real estate business as a total scam, where on the other side investors and builders like AKD are themselves against the flourishing culture of black money in real estate stream.

If the issue is a real problem, they should deal with it in a real way. Making it more opportunely and easy for black money makers to fraud the local public is like giving it all in their hands.

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