August 21, 2019 / BY Mohsin Rana

An Overview of AKD Securities Every Investor Must Know About

  • The Founder of AKD Securities is Aqeel Kareem Dhedhi

Aqeel Kareem Dhedhi is a famous name in the business circle of Pakistan. He needs no introduction. He has served 40 years of his life in the development of Pakistan’s economy with his business tactics. He is a philanthropist and a top-notch business tycoon residing in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi. Currently, he runs a number of organizations crosswise over Pakistan in numerous business specialties. He has done an excellent job right since he stepped his feet into the stock exchange business. In addition to this, Mr. Aqeel Kareem Dhedhi has worked on a number of other business areas in Pakistan and has substantially succeeded in all of his ventures which are now running as established businesses.
  • AKD Securities have been a Major Source in Bringing Global and National Investments in the Country

AKD Securities was effective in drawing global attention and to make the International entities make investments in Pakistan. With his hard work and persistence, the financial specialists belonging from the International markets came into the domestic market. This achievement was accomplished by Pakistan when the country directed the atomic test in 1998 for the first time. The International Investors Conference in London demonstrated the company's commitment towards balancing out Pakistan's economy. Due to this, AKD securities was able to make the International investors put resources into Pakistan Stock Exchange.
  • How is AKD Securities the right Pick for any Investor?

Keeping the commitment of AKD securities in stock exchanges aside, this firm has been providing amazingly remarkable investment services to interested individuals. The expert staff working as a team in this firm endeavors to accomplish only best for their financial clients. From specialists' advice to exact data about profitable chances, AKD securities has faith in giving auspicious learning to its investors and the standards of investment services they provide are exceptional.
  • How is Working with AKD Securities a Right Choice?

In case you want to sign up to work with the most prestigious and built up firm in Pakistan and gain excellent learning and working experience, at that point AKD securities will be pleased to have you in their team. Working at AKD securities you will learn to develop demonstrable skill, competency, and precision.
  • What Makes AKD the Greatest Capital Market Firm?

The working staff at the AKD securities believes in giving special time and attention to each client that knocks their door. They have defined a set of very clear objectives. One such objective was set and accomplished when AKD securities were perceived as one of the main firms to present firm-wide ethics. So as to accomplish precision and alignment of work, the code of ethics set by the firm was regulated by a particular manager who took hold of compliance. The devotion of AKD securities to accomplish standard speculation process makes its value the crown.

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