September 05, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Pakistan National Football Team Secures a 2-1 win over Nepal

Pakistan National football team proves its talent by securing victory over Nepal in the opening match of South Asian football federation (SAFF) Cup being held at Bangabandhu National Stadium on Tuesday.

Taking into account, Pakistan football team’s performance and their absence for last three years in national football, yesterday's win ignited a ray of hope for supporters and marked their return at a national level. Pakistan’s dramatic win in yesterday's match ensured their coach Jose Antonio Nogueira that his skills and hard work have started to pay off.

The Brazilian Pakistan football team coach commented, “We’re back at the international scene once again. We didn’t have a chance to prepare well and for one month this team didn’t have any friendly match but we tried to give our best and we did the best.”

National team’s performance came to a standstill after 2015 re-election of President. The election deteriorated to fighting and rivalry camps of Pakistan Football Federation (PFF). this led to impact Pakistan’s Football team and eventually their performance.

Even though, an Administration was appointed by Lahore High court to solve issues initing in PFF. However, the administration failed to resolve anything and further led to FIFA send notice to PFF to get hold of their Federation or otherwise they will ban Pakistan’s football in Fifa. that too didn’t seemed to budge our federation as rivalry continued and so our football team got rewarded with a 2-year ban in October 2017.

Further, fights continued for 3 years causing Club academies functioning, lack of player development and club progression came to a stop gradually potential income was lost. But when all seemed destroyed, FIFA lifted the ban on Pakistan Football team which boosted them hence, their redevelopment started. Last march, re-election happened earning football team the free will to make changes and train freely.

Then came, 2018 Asian Games, in which Pakistan team played quite satisfactory and won their first match against Nepal but were unable to secure the cup. Yesterday's win over Yemen, however, sparked a new hope for National Football team and their revival as they won against all odds, biggest of them being lack of national game practice.

On another note, the real matches for our team will commence from 4-15 September at the South Asian Football Federation Championship held in Dhaka as the contesting eams include India, Bhutan, Srilanka, Maldives and the host Bangladesh.

The coach seems confident though as he replied to a query, "I have a good plan for Pakistan. To build football in Pakistan is very important. It stopped for a long time so now we need to start again."

So, let’s get our fingers crossed and hope for the best for our National football team and let’s support them as much as we support our Cricket team.

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