September 04, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Pakistan partakes in World Nomad Games 2018

Yet another good news for Pakistanis who love games and sports more than anything else. Pakistan is to be featured among 77 countries participating in the third instalment of World Nomad Game series which is currently underway in Kyrgyzstan.  

Earlier, Kyrgyz news agency Kabar had reported that Kyrgyz Ambassador Erik Beishembiev met with Secretary General of the Pakistan Masswrestling Federation Furqan Ahmad Khan in order to popularize the event and to dialogue over promotion of cultural and humanitarian cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Ambassador discussed the possibility of 25 members Pakistani team’s participation in the third world nomad games which will help boost Kyrgyzstan ties with Pakistan and other organizational issues.

Mr Beishembiev proceeded to wish sports the successes and victories to the Pakistani team of Mas-wrestling at the forthcoming competitions in Kyrgyzstan. Considering vivid impressions of Kyrgyzstan, Pakistani side responded with the great desire to participate in the tournament.

The ongoing Kyrgyz event is held every 2 years. Its international sports competition dedicated to ethnic sports practised in Central Asia and cashes the idea to promote ethnocultural and ethnosport movement. The idea behind this event is to rejuvenate, develop and preserve ethnoculture, cultural diversity, act to boost tolerance and an open relationship between people of different races.

Besides Pakistan, other countries participating are  Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, and Russia being the largest team, as well as other countries like Mongolia, Turkey, Afghanistan, and the United States. The tournament will proceed till 8th of September.

The games feature more than 40 sports contested by hundreds of athletes from dozens of countries with Kyrgyzstan's Central Asian neighbours. The main events of this competition are included Mas-wrestling, arm-wrestling, endurance, flat racing, horseback archery, sumo and tug of war.

On another note, Kyrgyzstan confirmed in a press release on Saturday that Turkey is to host the next World Nomad Games tournament which is to be held in 2020. The Ex-soviet Kyrgyzstan has hosted biennially since 2014 with Turkey pledging to host the 2020 edition of the week-long traditional sports extravaganza. This decision, however, has saddened some in central Asia state but intrigued millions of others.

A sportsman, Talgat Soodakov, told AFP that he could not be certain he would be able to compete at the games in Turkey.

"Still, it will be interesting to see how another country organizes the games," Soodakov told AFP.

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