April 12, 2018 / BY AKD

Pakistani Entrepreneur who bragged the Commonwealth youth award

Today, the importance of entrepreneurship cannot be denied. We have seen how beneficial it has proved to be in the past few decades. Entrepreneurship has been benefiting the economy and the future of our Pakistan by acting as a catalyst in the economic development as every individual is struggling to make it to the list of richest people in Pakistan. It has started creating jobs and increased the productivity to the maximum. We have big names in the industry like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi but over the time, every individual has seen how entrepreneurship brings about innovation and growth and drives the economy towards success, which has attracted a lot of young minds towards itself and Zain Ashraf is one of them.

Zain Ashraf, a Pakistani social entrepreneur and a great philanthropist who is also an IT expert and studied entrepreneurship in the University of Miami where he was honored under outstanding alumni for their impact on society has now conferred the 2018 Commonwealth Youth Award. The awards aim to recognize the efforts of young minds whose innovative projects had a strong impact on their community.

His organization is working to end poverty by establishing micro-entrepreneurs through interest-free micro-financing, ‘Seed Out’. Since 2014, Seed Out has raised around 350 entrepreneurs and paired micro entrepreneurs with a business based on need. Zain has his focus on reducing inequalities which is a target highlighted by the United Nations as one of the most important sustainable development goals. The Commonwealth is now focusing on celebrating young people’s input towards a fairer, more sustainable and more prosperous future for the organization.

Africa, Europe,  Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, and the Pacific have made it to the list of top 20 individuals from more than 400 applications from across the globe.

Regional Young Persons of the Year will be selected, during the Commonwealth Youth Forum, in London in April. Along with a grant of £1,000, finalists will be awarded a trophy and certificate. The Regional Young Persons of the Year will receive £3,000, and the individual who makes it to the  Commonwealth Young Person of the Year is going to receive a huge amount of £5,000. This award will allow the winner to reach out to even more marginalized groups and communities. It will be an opportunity no one would want to miss. Last year, Krystle Reid from Sri Lanka who worked as an advocate for the empowerment of young persons living with disabilities in her native country, received the Commonwealth Young Person of the Year award.

AKD group would like to congratulate Mr. Zain Ashraf for being an ambassador of Pakistan and bring out Pakistan’s image positively in front of the whole world. Aqeel Dhedhi has always supported youth and worked for their empowerment. And, this time when a young individual is all set to take over the entrepreneur world and more importantly, bringing out Pakistan’s positive image, the group would like to wish him all the best.

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