May 08, 2018 / BY AKD

This Pakistani Mobile App Will Put Real Estate in The Palm of Your Hands

Pakistan real estate market is putting the real estate in the palm of your hands, literally. And here is your easy guide to figuring out how it works; how to find something to buy, rent, or sell using just an app. has developed an app called the Zameen App and up until now, more than 700,000 people have downloaded it.

If you are looking for an easy way to buy, sell, or rent your property, you should consider checking out the Zameen App. This app will make your dealings a lot easier than the usual manual process.

Here is how it works:

First of all, you need to select your language, currency, and area measurement preferences. This will filter out the property options as per certain parameters you set. There is a range of other options that you can look at, these are:

Search Through Popular Options

With every property related ad that pops-up at the corner, there are contact details of the real estate agent or the marketing agency selling this particular property. The price is already quoted, and with contact details, you can further negotiate with the seller. Property pictures are also attached which show you exactly what the property would look like from the inside to the outside. It will also show you the overall locality where this property is located.

Convenient Filters

The app makes life easy by simplifying the process of finding the right property. This app lets you look for property to buy or rent, and you can even set the search for new projects. These listings are from all over Pakistan and consist of flats, one-unit bungalows, farmhouses, office spaces, shops, and semi-furnished properties too. By applying various filters, you can customize your search down to the minutest details. These details might include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, area, price, property ID (if you are looking for a specific property using an ID someone has shared with you, for instance), and even the date of its addition.

How to Use The Zameen App If You Are A Seller?

A certain quota is assigned to sellers once they create an account. Sellers can post free ads for a property which is up for sale, and add up to four properties to put them on rent. All of this will be done in the ‘My Properties’ tab, which gives you details about your quota. If you’re posting properties as a seller, you are instantly connected to more than 5 million monthly visitors who are looking for property, and they might be interested in yours.

We have a lot of real estate sites but the addition of this amazing app has changed the game of real estate in Pakistan. With this app being pretty successful, we are expecting some new apps to be launched in the market soon.

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