June 07, 2018 / BY AKD

Pakistan's Future and Entreprenuership

The importance of entreprenuershiip is being discussed everywhere these days. With the increased knowledge about business in people, the want to step into the world of entrepreneurship is also on the rise. There are not only innumerable opportunities and benefits in the world of business for an individual as an entreprenuer but it is also effecting a country as a whole as well. It happens to play a pivotal role in the making of any country's economy. In case of Pakistan too, the business efforts of the many entreprenuers in the country have helped in creating jobs, strengthening the market competition and increasing the productivity to the maximum. It brings about innovation and growth and drives the economy towards success.

One of the many benefits of entrepreneurship to the country is the fact that it brings jobs. For a country like Pakistan which has such major unemployment issues, nothing can be better than a resource which creates abundance of jobs. Unemployment is a major challenge for Pakistan but when but when certain people from the society engross themselves with brilliant business startup opportunities, they open gates for a parade of people with no jobs by creating employment chances which reduces joblessness.

Many popular business magnates such as Aqeel karim Dhedhi also support and help entrepreneurs for the sole purpose of creating employment opportunities for the mass public. Not only do they support but help young people to start their own venture as well.

When a business starts, irrespective of its nature (big or small), it has to pay a certain amount as tax to the federal government. This money paid by the entreprenuers is consumed by the government in serving the basic services to the general public such as in public transports, health services, education, construction and etc.

One of the many 'good effects' of entrepreneurship to Pakistan is that it will open a gigantic door for the advancements in the world of technology. It brought about a number of innovations and remarkable ideas in technology and continues to do so.

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