September 04, 2019 / BY Mohsin Rana

PM Imran Khan To Raise Kashmir Issue At UN General Assembly

Prime Minister Imran Khan has addressed the nation through a televised address several times. On Monday, 26th August, PM Imran Khan addressed to the nation on Kashmir issue and briefed on Indian atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir. PM Imran Khan started the address by stating government policies and stance in view of the existing situation in Indian occupied Kashmir and that he wanted to share this with the public and take them into his confidence. In the address, PM Imran Khan has a clear message for the people of Kashmir that "I will raise the issue of Kashmir on all international forums including the UN, World leadership and Media". PM Imran Khan said that the role media, embassies, and human rights organizations have played, has internationalized the Kashmir issue. The International world is looking up to it. He said it out loud that I will use every International, diplomatic and political forum to raise my voice for the freedom of Kashmir and Pakistanis are standing behind the people of Kashmir. During the address, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the people of Pakistan, Kashmir, and the entire Muslim community is looking up to the United Nation to help the people of Kashmir, to stop atrocities of Indian army in IOK. The International community and International Media has taken up the Kashmir issue and after 50 years UNSC has taken up Kashmir issue which was not expected by the Indian government. The Indian government had not anticipated such response and that Narendra Modi's government has made a historic blunder.

A True Ambassador of Kashmir

On August 5, India had revoked Article 370 and Article 35A that granted a special status to the Indian occupied Kashmir, sent in an unusual number of Indian militant troops to the disputed territory and house arrested Kashmiri politicians and former chief ministers. This aggravated the situation on both sides of the border and China. Since then curfew has been placed in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the internet and mobile services have been cut off. Not only this, they went against the United Nations resolution, violated their constitution and law and promises made to Kashmiris. Prime Minister Imran Khan called himself  "a true ambassador of Kashmir". He said that he would raise the issue of Kashmir in his speech at United Nation General Assembly on 27 September and would meet the world leaders in New York and inform them about the situation of IOK”. "Time will show that the Indian government has given an opportunity to the Kashmiri people to get their freedom, India has played their last and final card" - PM Imran Khan said.

A Historic Blunder by Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Narendra Modi's government has 'made a historic blunder' by revoking article 370 and 35A that granted special autonomy to Kashmir due to his arrogance and by doing so he has opened the way to Kashmir freedom. He also called Modi the “Hitler of the 21st century” and condemned the actions of the Indian government and army in Indian occupied Kashmir. India is no more a secular state and the genocide of Kashmiris and Indian Muslims by Modi's government have sown the seeds of freedom within the people. Every Kashmiri is chanting the slogan of 'Pakistan Zindabad' and 'Free Kashmir'. A glimmer of hope is emerging that Kashmir will be free soon.

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