August 12, 2018 / BY Faizan Shahzad

How does Real Estate industry help a country achieve growth?

Pakistani investors' favourite investing game is putting their money on Real Estate. But what has the Real Estate industry ever done for a country's economy?

To begin with, Real Estate has proved itself to be a powerful influence on the economy of a country. By providing a platform to different companies to work viability gives a foundation which lets an economy work on an advanced level. Except this, there is a whole lot of advantages that are brought to the table by the Real Estate industry. State of the art, cutting edge and modern infrastructure keeps adding to any country's stature as an International hub of trade and draws capital from different parts of the world.

One more major role of the Real Estate companies to the economy of a country is that it creates a puddle of jobs. The labour used for the manufacturing, the architects, the builders, engineers, financial service providers, the marketing team, the facilities managers or any other team involved in successfully building a Real Estate building adds to the national income of a country and reduces unemployment in the country.

Similarly, Pakistan real estate market has equally done its part on helping the country's economy to experience smart growth. The top Real Estate developments in Pakistan include DHA Oasis in Karachi, Canyon Views in Islamabad, Broadway Residencia in Gwadar, Rawal Arcade in Bahria Town Islamabad and Crescent Bay in Karachi.

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