April 10, 2019 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Reviving Tourism - First Pakistan Tourism Summit 2019

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

Travelling opens a person’s mind and gives them the gift of seeing things with different perspective. With the negative image of Pakistan in the world, tourism in the country got lost. Tourism is one of the biggest sources for economic growth in any country. Past few years were crucial for Pakistan, the negative image affected the economic condition more than ever. Pakistan has an excellent geographical location that is ideal for world-class tourism. With beautiful valleys, hills, mountain ranges, and historical places, Pakistan is also rich in cultural heritage and cultural diversity. It has strong traditions, values and people here are known for their hospitality.

Since last year’s elections, things have been looking up for the country. The improved security and positive image attracted a lot of foreigners to come to see the country they have been missing out. Last year and earlier this year, few famous travel vloggers like Dew Binsky, Eva Zu Beck, Mark Wines, Trevor James, Rosie Gabrielle, Alex and Amel to name a few visited Pakistan. Their visit has helped Pakistan a lot to improve image all over the world. The govt has been taking measures to revive the tourism back. Recently, First Pakistan Tourism Summit’19 was held at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad on 2nd 3rd of April. The chief guest was PM Imran Khan, federal minister Fawad Chaudry was present at the summit too. The international vloggers were in the panel for the effort they made to portray a positive image of Pakistan. Fawad Chaudry said, “We have a strong idea in changing the visa policy regime, now it’s time to present this idea. We need media support to present this idea. It will take time but Pakistan has a great future and great leadership.” He also requested media to play a positive role in the promotion of tourism in Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan while addressing in the summit said, Pakistan offers best tourism attractions in the world ranging from the beach, mountain, and desert tourism. Pakistan has a virgin coastal belt in Balochistan, but it is unfortunate that our elite prefers to visit Europe and western countries instead of exploring our own tourist spots.” Prime Minister also said, “Allah has bestowed us with diverse kind of mountain scenery from Suleman, Karakoram, and Himalaya heights.”

He said these mountain ranges have their own diverse features abundant with great vegetation, wildlife and bird life, which have no match in any part of the world. The Prime Minister, however, cautioned that tourism must be promoted with responsibility while taking care of the environment.

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