February 23, 2018 / BY AKD

Route to progress; these under-constructed motorways will flourish trading and traveling in Pakistan

The development of a country reflects its economy; the digits reflect the steps of progression that a country stepped through Nonetheless what else shows development apart from the number games? The answer to this question is; infrastructure. The parameters of judgements change with the passage of time, and when it comes to judging a country, then these parameters change really quick. We are living in an era where competition factor is immense in every sector. Whether you look at technology, trade, politics, business, etc. every country who seeks development will find itself in competition with others.

The infrastructure of a country is the epitome of its progression:

This one factor plays the same role as the cover of a book, no matter how much you keep the general quote’ “never judge a book by its cover” in your mind. You will always find yourself doing the contrary. The same goes with the infrastructure. The appealing cover a book forces you to believe that the inside of a book would be the same, just like that, country who focus more on building correct infrastructure is assumed to be more progressive and more developed. This narrative is built on strong reasons. For instance, a modernized infrastructure shows the development approach of the country’s government. It also shows the mindset of its citizens, who demand such outcome from its authorities.

Pakistan; a country with the developmental approach:

Of course, if we are stating Pakistan as a country who seeks development, it means it’s planning to establish a better infrastructure. With new motorways in construction, the economic situation in Pakistan will flourish in no time: The Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway: The M9 motorway inaugurated last year boosted the country’s progression phase. People travelling from Karachi to Hyderabad and vice versa, are delighted with their journey. The Lahore- Multan Motorway: Out of 13 motorways projects, which are under construction, the Lahore-Multan motorway is all set to inaugurate this year. The trading sector will flourish which will directly impact the economic beings of Pakistan stock exchange. And this will not only flourish the economic sector, but the citizens will have a better travelling experience as well. The CPEC projects could make a difference at live exchanging at Pakistan stock exchange: With big names like AKD group as investors, PSX (Pakistan Stock Exchange) could help Chinese investors raise funds for the happenings. Pakistan Stock Exchange seems positive about this thought of helping CPEC in raising more funds for their projects. The developmental projects that are about to be set-up in Gawadar Free Zone could be built on a much larger scale if the authorities look forward to this awaiting initiative. The statement released by PSX at the start of this year, shows their confidence behind their proposal: “The primary purpose of the MoU is that the PSX will make its best endeavour to help and facilitate the investors, businesses and companies in the Gwadar Free Trade Zone so that they can raise funds from the exchange,” Pakistan stock exchange’s statement said. We believe that with a consistent approach towards better infrastructure will surely favour Pakistan. We are hopeful and looking forward to better economic and travelling days.

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