February 18, 2019 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman visits Pakistan

Islamabad is hoping to attract oodles of investment money as Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman visited Pakistan on Sunday with a retinue of princes’, ministers and top executives to a grand welcome.

As the powerful royal’s aircraft touched down the Nur Khan Airbase, Chaklala, a red carpet was rolled out for the high-profile dignitary. Banners indicating the signal of the crown prince’s arrival were already lining the streets of the capital. Police, the armed forces, and the Saudi Royal Guards are providing security during the visit.

Before the dinner, the two countries signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) for bilateral cooperation worth $20 billion. After which Muhammad bin Salman said:

"We believe that Pakistan is going to be a very, very important country in the coming future and we want to be sure we are part of that. He further said,

"Pakistan today has a great future in store with great leadership."

Mohammad bin Salman said his country would collaborate with Pakistan economically, politically and in terms of security. "We believe in our region, that is why we are investing in it."

This is the beautiful gesture by both countries to build up bilateral relations and further this visit gives the hope to cope up Pakistan’s economy as prince invested here. Furthermore, in today’s morning, he announced to free a total of 2107 Pakistani prisoners in Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan during his speech at the reception dinner said that Saudi Arabia has always been a "friend in need" to Pakistan.

Our Prime Minister invited Riyadh to avail opportunities from the CPEC. The Prime Minister also put forward two requests in front of the Crown Prince: First, he requested the Saudi royal to allow Pakistani Haj pilgrims to undergo immigration at the three major Pakistani airports before leaving for Saudi Arabia for their convenience.

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