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It was for a long time that Islamic world was deserted when it came to the matter of strong leadership. Muslims felt the need of a torchbearer who could guide their way out of all their troubles and difficulties. From the start of twentieth century, there were apparent signs of the birth of a strong leader amongst the Muslim countries. Now, when it comes to a lone leader in Muslim world, all eyes and thoughts automatically direct towards one man. Having secured the public office for four consecutive terms, he has changed the fate of his country and its inhabitants. That lone warrior has not only acquired valuable love in the hearts of his nation but is immensely admired by Muslims from other countries as well. Yes, you guessed it right. That brave soldier is none other than Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the true ruler of hearts and minds.

Whenever a tragedy strikes in any Muslim state, the first remarks always come from this brave soldier. In the past, he received massive praise from the whole Islamic world on account of sending freedom flotilla for Palestinians. Recently, his blunt remarks regarding ongoing Rohingya crisis caught the attention of every breathing soul. No political leader has expressed strong and serious concerns for the Muslims of Rohingya like Erdoğan did.

  Erdogan Myanmar Crisis

According to reports from various credible news sources, at least 400 Muslims have been murdered in the name of a crackdown against insurgents. In last few days, more than 125,000 refugees have crossed into Bangladesh to save their lives. Without any doubt, various human rights and welfare organizations are trying to aware the whole world about the grievous condition of Rohingya Muslims. Moreover, a great number of global journalists and activists are raising voice for the victims. But, no other thing pressurizes one state more than official remarks from another state. And when it is Erdoğan behind the microphone, the threat is real.

Not only he warned Myanmar Government in clear words but also offered Bangladesh an immediate aid to accommodate Rohingya refugees. It was after Erdoğan’s exhibition of anger towards apparent genocide of Muslims that heads of other Muslim states also demanded international community to put pressure on Myanmar government.

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi as one of the prominent businessmen from Pakistan has expressed his extensive support towards Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the cause of suffering Muslims of Burma.

myanmar crisis    
Aqeel Karim Dhedhi believes Tayyip Erdogan to be the only true representative of Muslims in this era for the way he reshaped Turkey. In his own words:

“Erdogan inspires and motivates the Muslims through his deliverance of heart touching speeches. I solemnly support his bold stance on the issue of mass killings in Burma. I desire for Pakistan to have a leader with similar courage and bravery. My sincere condolences to the suffering ones in Myanmar and all around the Muslim world. I hope for the current crisis in Myanmar to end as soon as possible.”

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