May 30, 2018 / BY AKD

Types of low investment businesses you can start easily

With high unemployment, and definitely low job opportunities, one cannot simply pay all his expenses from his salary, nor will investments like stocks and shares help in making immediate profit. Hence, the need of a side business opened on a small scale along with your job will not only help you save money for the future, or live a luxurious life, but will also help you in the rainy days.

Hence, following are some types of businesses that you can open with a low investment:

  1. Event planning and management:

The first type of business that needs some of your creativity, an active mindset, and low investment is event planning. Event planning may be a bit time consuming, but will help you recover all your money that you invested in an event along with profit. If you’re capable of working in a deadline without panicking at all, then planning an event is always a good option for you.

  1. Online bakery:

If you’re somebody who thinks her baking skills are excellent, then believe me, make it your business now! Businesses run the best when they’re based on something you’re passionate about. Hence, if you believe you can excel in your business with your baking skills, then do not hesitate to do it.

  1. Fashion designer:

Not everybody has an eye for good clothes and not everybody is creative enough to pull out something extraordinary out of an ordinary piece of cloth. So, if you’re that person who believes that fashion designing is what you should be doing, then nobody is there to stop you.

  1. Real estate:

One of the easiest and effective ways of making money is starting your own real estate agency. The value of properties are always on a rise. Also, properties are always appreciable. Hence, a real estate agency is an easy way to make profits as people are getting more and more interested in purchasing properties.

Taking a step towards developing your own small scale business may not be that easy. Also, this business would not flourish enough to make you the richest person in Pakistan, but you will definitely start earning, and this earning will help you fulfill your daily expenses.


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