October 29, 2017 / BY Faizan Shahzad

Venture funds and Pakistan: what needs to be done - Aqeel Karim Dhedhi

The concept of venture funds is simple and necessary. Not every genius mind is born with the capital and resources to fulfill their dreams. In fact, people with great ideas especially lack in their means. What venture fund will do for them is with the help of a giving business community, an investment fund will be made and proceed to one, selected. Around the world, competitions have been done and organized by business parties and investors to find the potential idea for investment.

At this point, you might be thinking what are the evens and what do they get from it? Well for starters, venture funding might look like a godfather thing where the one being invested in having all the treats for himself. But actually, no! Investors have some rights and demands that need to be agreed or negotiated on. It’s like a profit barter system. Great for both of them. And where investors usually don’t have the right to interfere with your creativity, there are few traits and parameters that require investor’s agreement and for that, you both have to be on the same page.

When there are thousands of them, you have to think about yours and what difference you offer. But with a mass operational majority agreeing on the quote that, “a great idea is 99% execution”. Which means, you have an idea, good, but what will change is the pathway of its execution. Even after the heavy trails of worthiness, Venture funds still demands trustfulness and quality.

Venture funds provide people and start-ups with chanceful platforms and great help. But even with their vast need and consumption, sadly enough Pakistan does not produce any big, one of its kind Venture funding platforms. Few philanthropist investors like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi tried to open the counsel for the youth but soon got awarded with titles like “AKD SCAM” and “AKD FRAUD”. However, there are no evidently truth in these accusations but are enough to make people doubt their debate and morals. Pakistan’s need for these programs are not less than necessity but in the name of support people like Aqeel Karim Dhedhi, who are willing to help, only gets the negative bashing.

Understanding the initial grounds and accepting our ground realities is the only way we can grow out of this theme. Where people from the outer world label us as less-chanced. Instead of pushing the doors down the lane, what Pakistan needs right now is the collaboration of helpful hands towards a better future.

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