May 10, 2018 / BY AKD

Waheed Akhtar Made Pakistan Proud By Becoming The First Pakistani Captain In The New York Police Department

Waheed Akhtar has become the first Pakistani to achieve the rank of Captain in the New York Police Department and AKD group along with all other Pakistanis is immensely proud of this man. Waheed, from Mandi Bahauddin, has become a Captain in the New York Police Department. He is the first ever Pakistani to attain this rank.

Waheed migrated to the US in 1998, through a Diversity Lottery Visa. Since then, he has done many different jobs before getting into the NYPD. And it was only possible with his sheer dedication over the years, that he finally managed to become someone that the whole nation is proud of. He took this decision by taking inspiration from his father and brother, who were also policemen, in Pakistan.

Akhtar received his promotion to Sergeant back in 2010, after serving as a Police Officer in the Transit District 34. As a new Sergeant, he became part of the police force’s Internal Affairs Bureau and had a supervisory role, where he worked day and night to achieve the rank he is at, right now. Eventually, he became a Lieutenant, and now, as the new Captain, serves in the Organized Crime Control Bureau in New York.

His fellow policemen in the NYPD told how proud they were to congratulate their friend and colleague Lt. Waheed Akhter on his promotion and being the first Pakistani-American Police Captain in the NYPD. They further added how Waheed contributes his time for the welfare of the desi society and has served as a trustee in the past. They talked about his experience and the motivation he gives to all his fellowmen, which is an asset to the members. He is a great role model for them and they look forward to working with their new executive and with continued support to the members and society.

AKD has always supported people who have made Pakistan proud in any aspect of life. Whether it is a young scientist or a female entrepreneur, our whole group has always supported and uplifted these people for making us proud and this time, the news is one of its kind. We wish Mr. Waheed Akhtar the best of luck for all his future endeavors.


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